TROM Level 5 Lectures

These links are the recorded lectures by Dennis Stephens regarding Level 5 of TROM.

A taped letter to Judith Methven detailing how to run level 5A of TROM.

TROM Level 5

This is the first of a series of lectures where Dennis explains in some detail the workings of the technology of Level 5 of TROM.

TROM Level 5 Exp 01 Unstacking Procedure

TROM Level 5 Exp 02 Dissociation

TROM Level 5 Exp 03 The Exclusion Postulate

TROM Level 5 Exp 04 Background

There are rules for proper construction of a goals package.

TROM Level 5B 01 Goals Package Construction

The To Sex goals package is the most difficult goals package you will run.

TROM Level 5C 01 To Sex Goals Package

TROM Level 5C 02 Loose Ends, Bubbles Revisited

TROM Level 5C 03 5C Overts

When junior unverses will not erase at level 5C it may be  due to continuing overts.

TROM Level 5C 04 Erasability Of Junior Universes

The following lectures are a set showing Dennis’s development of level 5D of TROM.

03 and 04 are the final how to of Bond Breaking and 05 is an interesting addendum.

TROM Level 5D 01 Level 6 Bonding

TROM Level 5D 02 Level 2 After Level 5 Part B

TROM Level 5D 03 Relationships Bonding

TROM Level 5D 04 Bond Breaking

TROM Level 5D 05 Independence

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