Message From Greg Pickering

Greg Pickering on Sunday 22 Mar 98

To: Antony A Phillips

MESSAGE FROM Greg Pickering:

Hello to all TROMers out there,

It’s time for me to step out of lurking mode and say my piece for the record in the interests of setting the record straight.

Rowland [Barklay] and I met recently and had time to discuss some issues regarding TROM. I think it is because of comments I made to him that he has posted to TROM and I thank him for his support.

I would like to give a bit of history, if you can bear with me, which might help everyone align events and opinions.

I met with Dennis and Ann about 4 yrs ago and we had a very enjoyable afternoon sipping tea and getting to know each other. During our conversations about life the universe and everything (apologies to Douglas Adams) Dennis related how he had somehow felt ‘damaged’ after participating in the early years of the SHSBC. In an effort to resolve his personal issues, he spent some years developing the program you now know as TROM. The bulk of his research was completed by 1978 according to the research papers, with an addendum produced later.

I was intrigued when Dennis was relating to me how his ‘postulate processing’ as he called it, not only corrected the ‘damage’ but also meant that when later he saw the OT materials for the first time and tried to audit them, he just found a persistent F/N and deemed himself to be flat on those materials also.

I told him that I thought it important that his research not be lost and if he would like it then I would put his research notes onto computer for archiving. This he thought was a good idea and, after much typing, TROM was born. The manuscript went back and forth between Dennis and myself until he was happy that it was correct and as he wanted it. At no time during this stage was it envisioned that TROM had a name or would be distributed. It was purely an archival exercise which I thought important and for which I take credit.

A little later Dennis told me that he had made contact with some friends in the U.K. and asked if I could send them a copy. Discussion was then had between Dennis and myself about distributing TROM and I explained that due to other commitments I really wasn’t interested in being responsible for distribution. So it came about that Terry and Flemming became the official planetary distributors and I went on with my life. I kept in touch with Dennis until his passing and I had no part in discussions as to who ‘inherited’ his work or ownership thereof. That Judith (Anderson) has accepted responsibility for the future direction of TROM is a game of her own choosing and I thank her for taking up the standard.

Unfortunately once the work was distributed I started hearing criticism that the book didn’t have an index; that there were spelling errors; that it wasn’t easy to understand; wasn’t available in other languages; etc. Well the fact is that the original compilation wasn’t designed for mass distribution and it showed. Any imperfections were as Dennis was comfortable with because he approved the manuscript.

As for myself I have previously stated that I renounce any fair claim to copyright for TROM. I did my duty in bringing the work into circulation. All I ask is that people show some appreciation for my having made the work known and accessible. I would take credit where it is due and leave others their own.

Dennis was egalitarian. He wanted to make self help therapy accessible and cheap so that the working man could improve his lot. He wanted to make a difference. I think he did – lets also give the man his due.

Happy TROMing

Greg Pickering


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